Management Innovation Campus (CIM) – Saturday, november the 25th 2017

On Saturday, November the 25th 2017, the ESSEC campus in Cergy Pontoise hosted the Management Innovation Campus (CIM).

This event, organized by the Institute of Sociodynamics, was an opportunity for many actors from the world of management to take the floor to highlight the most innovative practices and revisit the grids of reading management practices through practical cases on companies.

The Institute of Sociodynamics (ISD) is an association of general interest governed by the law of 1901 created on October 17, 2014 by the sociologist Jean-Christian Fauvet. Its mission is to promote and disseminate the concepts of sociodynamics to the greatest number and to prolong the developments.

On the occasion of its annual event the Campus of Managerial Innovation (CIM), many experts in the field of management from all walks of life came to express themselves on the new managerial practices: women and men, French people and international, coming from the world of business or from another field of activity, thinkers and makers, headliners and people less known to the general public.

You can see here a lecture given by university professor Laurent Bibard on the ESSEC campus under the theme of complexity in managerial decisions.

Also here is a lecture given by Alexis Michalik on “The inspiring theater of the manager”.

This event is the 3rd organized by the Institute of Sociodynamics, after “Le Temps des Hommes” in 2013 and “Le Temps des Hommes 2 – sociodynamic concepts” in 2015.